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About project
About project
схема комплекса

The construction of «Gazprom center» is a large project implemented in line with Decree №153 of the President of Belarus dated 04.04.2013 and investment agreement №174 dated 02.05.2013

The project was initiated and funded by «Gazprom transgaz Belarus».

The architectural concept was designed by the London office of NBBJ Ltd., one of the 10 most innovative international architectural companies established in 1943. The NBBJ architects contributed to the project the most advanced city-planning and technological concepts, fully compliant with the concept «Minsk silhouette» and the town-planning documentation developed by «Minskgrado» experts.

The complex will be dominated by a high-rise building (189 m) - the highest building in Minsk. The HQ Tower will be surrounded by 8 other building of different height. In line with the concept, the outline and the colour of the buildings will be reminiscent of a gas flare - the symbol of «Gazprom Group».

The architectural solutions and the use of city space make «Gazprom center» a unique and innovative development.

«Gazprom center» sets a new standard of business environment, boasts modern construction technologies, services and communication.

«Gazprom center» offers an upscale and comfortable environment for work, leisure and family activities. Business people will benefit from the proximity of prestigious brands and will enjoy the healthcare services of the medical center (which uses the latest advances in science, diagnostics and plastic surgery). Clients will have an opportunity to visit the sports center, to improve their health and the health of their family members.

While you are working, talking to your friends in the panorama restaurant or walking down the retail streets, the staff of the child development center will be playing learning games with your children and will help them to communicate with peers.

«Gazprom center» offers:

  • New quality of life and services
  • Prestige and high status
  • Popular international brands
  • Top - service standards
  • Convenient state-of-the-art «class A» buildings
  • Enough space for 4,000 visitors
  • Transport accessibility to city center, airport and railway/bus stations

Building Management System


Building Management System is intended for automatization of processes and functions in modern buildings.

The BMS is often used to describe a system that controls the equipment inside the building: ventilation, heating, conditioning, lighting, power, etc.

The BMS lays the basis for the so-called «intelligent building» and has a number of advantages:

Highly-transparent glass facades

Остекление высотки.jpg

Clear and highly transparent glass will be used for facade glazing.

The type of glass units comply with thermal resistance and transparency requirements. The suggested nanotechnology-based exterior coating of units will ensure a longer life cycle of units, reduce the risk of thermal shock, the number of washing cycles and should enhance the façade characteristics.

In-house trigeneration unit


Power plant engineering diagram was designed to ensure practical use of a trigeneration system. The power plant includes a cogeneration unit, which generates heat and power, and an absorption refrigerator which drives the cooling process, using thermal energy and a small amount of electrical power.

Media facades with dynamic lights

Медиа фасады.jpg

A built-in display of arbitrary size and shape will complement the building architecture and will be used for diagrams, graphics and videos. The media facade display is made of LED modules of different shapes and sizes.

BREEAM Compliance

BREEAM is an international standard of real estate property environmental certification. It aims to minimize the adverse effects of new developments on the environment locally and globally, to promote a healthy lifestyle and working conditions for its employees.

Certification is administered by BRE Global.

Use of precipitation


The use of precipitation includes water reclaim and use of grey and black waters from sinks, WCs and the kitchen. After reclamation grey waters will be used for green space irrigation and service use. Atmospheric precipitation will be collected, filtered and used for other systems, e.g. for firefighting.

Adaptive pavement anti-freeze


Prevention of icicles and snow accumulation, ice protection for roofs, storm collectors, drains, pavements, stairs and motorways.

Battery-charging stations in parking areas

Зарядные станции для электромобилей в паркинге

The use of electric cars has brought about new demands. Sometimes to continue the journey drivers need to boost-charge their batteries. A boost – charge will give an 80% - charge in 15 minutes.

Engineering Structures Monitoring System


The engineering structures monitoring system is intended to:

Roof-integrated PV panels


Solar energy is absorbed by special elements which convert it into heat and power.

Power conversion occurs via photovoltaic convertors made of silicon - one of the most common minerals in the world. The conversion will result in generation of direct current ready for immediate use or accumulation in batteries.

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