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  • Cold, heating and electric power for the complex
  • Trigeneration system
  • Exhaust suppression system
  • Electric power generated by 3 gas turbines
  • Cold generation: 3 absorption and compression chillers
  • Gas supply – 2 medium and high pressure supply lines

Multifunctional development «Gazprom center» is a structurally complex facility which needs efficient and reliable energy resources. In this context, a decision was taken to build a stand-alone power plant.

The power plant is a combination of automated generation equipment which uses advanced trigeneration technology to generate electricity, heat and cold, thus contributing to a two-fold reduction of energy costs and decrease in electricity demand for ventilation and conditioning. The power plant will be located in course 3 of the mixed-use development «Gazprom center» and will include the following trigeneration equipment:

• three «Turbomach» gas turbines, generating a total of 10,5 MWe;

• three «Aprovis» steam generators, generating a total of 18,2 MWt;

• three «Broad» absorption chillers with a total refrigerating capacity of 11,25 MW.

Gas turbines with steam generators and hot-water boilers (view from top).

Refrigeration and heating peak loads will be covered by four 1 MW (each) vapour - compression refrigeration machines and two «Viessmann» hot-water boilers 14,0 MW (each). The turnkey design and construction of the power plant is being delivered by «Energoprojekt Oprema» (Serbia).

Gas turbines with steam generators and hot-water boilers (side view).

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