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Buildings of the complex

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Buildings of the complex
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Advanced diagnostics: MRI, CT, ultrasound
  • First private ambulance in Belarus
  • Online registration system (and electronic medical records)
  • 95 % of services are provided on outpatient basis
  • Remote consultation
  • Medical tourism
  • International experts
  • High standard of services
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Green recreation area on rooftop
  • Modern equipment and treatment technology

Besides modern medical equipment and highly qualified staff, one of the distinctive features of the medical centre is its friendly and patient-focused atmosphere. Patients can visit the centre at any time and receive proper treatment or advice on how to have better health. The medical center interior design contributes to patients’ treatment and quicker recovery.

The interior design concept is compliant with the abovementioned approach to treatment and ensures a quicker recovery.

Главный холл 2 этажа-600.jpg

Medical centre spacious halls and rooms are finished with eco – friendly materials.

Лобби главный вход_cr-600.jpg

Upon entry into the medical centre patients see a spacious hall with convenient indoor navigation.

Кабинет ПЭТ_КТ-600.jpg

Doctors use modern equipment and convenient rooms to diagnose patients.

Общая двухместная палата-600.jpg

In-patient departments are designed to create a caring, comfortable and home-like environment.





Recreation area for patients

Сад на крыше-1.jpg

Patients’ comfort, quality of services and a welcoming atmosphere are the key features of the medical center. It will be the first medical center in Belarus to have a garden on the rooftop where patients will be able to spend their free time waiting for a procedure or doctor’s appointment.

Косметологической дерматологии

Interdisciplinary Centre

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