5 Facts about «Gazprom Center»

Fact 1. «Gazprom Center» is intended not only for «Gazprom group» employees but also for residents and visitors.

 The complex will be dominated by a «Gazprom Group» high-rise building, whose height (189 m) will attract the attention of residents and visitors. Apart from the office building, accommodating the «Gazprom Group» companies, it is intended to include 4 «class A» commercial buildings in the development, which will be leased out to different types of tenants.

The space between the apartment blocks in Filimonova Str. and the key buildings of the complex will be taken by different types of social infrastructure, i.e. a sports center, child development center and a multidisciplinary medical center, which will be accessible to residents and visitors. The multipurpose development will also have a summer amphitheater (surrounded by fountains) which will be used for concerts and festivals (in wintertime the space can be used as a skating rink). The complex will have an open-territory park which will separate it from Nezavisimosti Ave.

Therefore, «Gazprom Center» itself and its adjacent territory are intended for general public. The complex will become one of the modern architectural symbols of the city and its new landmark.

In addition to its architectural value, the development has social impact. Adhering to the principle of corporate social responsibility and in line with the investment agreement, «Gazprom transgaz Belarus» allocated funds for 30 apartments which were built for families with multiple children. Thirty families with 5-6 children received keys to their new apartments in 2015.

Moreover, «Gazprom transgaz Belarus» has been co-financing the multi-level interchange which is being built at the crossroads of Filimonova Str. and Nezavisimosti Ave. and will help resolve traffic problems in the district.

Fact 2. «Gazprom Center» will be a natural fit for the urban environment.

 The selection of the site for «Gazprom Center» was not incidental. The decision was taken in accordance with the concept «Minsk silhouette» which warranted the construction of this type of development (both a business center and a prominent high-rise building).


Fact 3. «Gazprom Center» will complement the architectural ensemble of Nezavisimosti Ave.

 The architects took into account every detail and deliberately moved «Gazprom Center» farther from the main avenue to make certain that the National Library was seen from all directions.

«Gazprom Center» represents the types of business centers which are built in large cities and which contribute to their modern look. The site accommodates all amenities required for successful business operation, which enables «Gazprom Center» to introduce new standards of urban environment, thus helping to unclog downtown and improving traffic infrastructure.


Fact 4. «Gazprom transgaz Belarus» has been co-financing the construction of the multi-level interchange in Filimonova Str.

 Preparation for construction started in the summer of 2014. The construction began at the start of 2015. The owner of the project is «Gordorstroj», the functions of General Designer have been performed by «Minskinzhprojekt».

In compliance with the investment agreement between «Gazprom transgaz Belarus» and Minsk City Executive Committee, the company has been covering 50% of the construction costs.

Fact 5. «Gazprom Center» will be different from similar developments in Minsk.

 From the very start, «Gazprom Center» was set to be the type of complex that would use innovative construction technologies. The development will have both an appealing shape and exciting functionality, i.e. MEP and security systems, engineering structures monitoring system, an independent power source which will use gas and trigeneration technology to generate power, heat and cold for the in-house needs of the complex. The abovementioned functionality will ensure a new level of building security and serviceability in Belarus.

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