Chief physician of «Gazprom» hospital arrives in Minsk

Nikolai Lebedev, «Gazprom» chief physician (Moscow, Russian Federation), arrived on a visit to Minsk to meet the representatives of «Gazprom transgaz Belarus» and MFC construction office to discuss the construction of the medical center, which is part of «Gazprom center» and the functioning of the «Gazprom transgaz Belarus» healthcare division.

The medical center is scheduled to be commissioned in December 2018 as part of «Gazprom center» bounded by Filimonova Str. – Nezavisimosti Ave. – Makayonka Str. in Minsk. The official ceremony to start the construction of the «Gazprom Group» multifunctional complex took place on 21 August and was attended by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Alexey Miller, Chairman of «Gazprom» Management Committee.

The participants discussed the practical implementation of the corporate procedures (used by «Gazprom» healthcare division) that will be used in the medical center which is part of «Gazprom center».

The participants reached an agreement on cooperation with «Gazprom» hospital during design, construction and commissioning of the medical center.

Photo (left to right): : meeting in the MFC Construction office: Y. Lyashenko, Deputy Director General (General issues and HR), I. Karpeko, Head of medical services, N. Lebedev, Chief physician of «Gazprom», S. Kiselev, Head of MFC office, deputy director general, S. Ishutinov, Head of marketing, V. Novikov, Deputy Head of marketing

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